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Year-round Comfort with Solarban® 60 Solar Control Low-E Glass

Solarban 60 glass is the ideal energy efficient window solution for climates in which you want to:
  • Block direct solar heat year-round.
  • Reduce solar heat gain where air conditioning costs are significant.
  • Reduce fading and degradation of a home’s carpets, curtains, and furniture from UV rays.
  • Provide improved comfort in the winter.

The low-e coating on Solarban 60 glass is applied by the magnetic sputtered vacuum deposition process to ensure superior thermal performance. It is the first PPG glass to offer solar control along with the insulating performance and aesthetic benefits of low-emissivity glass (low-e glass).

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The Comfort of Solarban 60 Low-E Glass

Be cooler in summer and stay warmer in winter. Reduce fabric-fading UV without losing light. Relax with energy efficient windows.

Solarban 60 Low-E Glass Performance Properties

Standard Insulating Glass Unit with clear glass, conventional aluminum spacer, and air fill. Solarban® 60 Insulating Glass unit with Solarban® Solar Control Low-E glass, Intercept® spacer.
Solarban® 60 glass keeps you warmer in the winter

The overall U-Value (insulating value) of windows with Solarban® Low-E glass is about 39% better than standard clear insulating glass. (Lower U-values mean higher insulating performance.)

Winter Furnace Heat
Window U-Value=0.46 Window U-Value=0.28
Solarban® 60 glass keeps you cooler in the summer

Solarban® Low-E glass transmits about 48% less solar energy than standard clear insulating glass.* Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is a measure of how much solar heat is transmitted through the glass. (Lower numbers mean less summer heat.)

Summer Solar Heat
SHGC=0.75 SHGC=0.39
Solarban® 60 glass reduces U.V. Energy and allows visible light transmittance

Solarban® Low-E glass is about 72% more effective at reducing fabric-fading ultraviolet (U.V.) energy, yet still allows about 88% as much visible light in as standard clear insulating glass.*

Ultraviolet Energy=58%
Visible Light=81%
Ultraviolet Energy=16%
Visible Light=71%
*Comparisons are based on center of glass measurements of 3/4" insulating glass units; two 1/8" (3mm) glass panes and a 1/2" (12mm) air space. Actual glass performance may differ silghtly due to glass thickness, gas fill, and glass to frame ratio.